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HMS Bacchante - 2nd Cod War. Gallery, Page 3

Icelandic Gunboats.

Baldur was the one to watch, a converted trawler with a very sharp transom. See Page 1 to see how she tried to use it.

There is plenty of space for more Icelandic pictures, the more the merrier

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Aegir-1st-of-june-2008-web.jpg (68292 bytes)

Aegir as she is now, on her 40th anniversary, a coastguard vessel (Guđmundur St. Valdimarsson)

web-baldur-crew.jpg (50834 bytes)

Baldur officers - 2nd mate Kristján Ţ. Jónsson, 3rd mate Jón Páll, 1st mate Haldán Henrísson

web-baldur-damage.jpg (50215 bytes)

And baldur after the incident (Jón Páll)

web-yarmouth-from-Baldur4.jpg (50618 bytes)

HMS Yarmouth from Baldur, having just rammed Baldur (Jón Páll)

web-Bacchante-from-Baldur-2.jpg (51471 bytes)

Bacchante from Baldur (Jón Páll)

web-Bacchante-from-Baldur.jpg (46899 bytes)

Bacchante from Baldur (Jón Páll)

wb-Bacchante-and-Arctic-Vandal.jpg (49869 bytes)

Bacchante & Arctic Vandal taken from Baldur. (Jón Páll)

web_Bacchande-F-69.jpg (51731 bytes)

Bacchante & Arctic Vandal taken from Baldur. Arctic Vandal's trawl has just been cut. (Jón Páll, crewman on Baldur) See here for Bacchante's view of this incident.

web_Baldur_Bacchante.jpg (52670 bytes)

Baldur attempts to swing her stern into Bacchante, (Jón Páll, crewman on Baldur). See here for Bacchante's view of this incident.

baldur 1.jpg (39897 bytes)


baldur 2.jpg (28612 bytes)


baldur silhouette.jpg (60571 bytes)


gunboat 1.jpg (26048 bytes) gunboat 2.jpg (25679 bytes) gunboat 3.jpg (24438 bytes)
gunboat 4.jpg (29445 bytes) gunboat 5.jpg (24854 bytes) gunboat 6.jpg (37112 bytes)
gunboat 7.jpg (34614 bytes) gunboat 8.jpg (29386 bytes) gunboat 9.jpg (21513 bytes)
Odinn - rough sea.jpg (16904 bytes) Odinn - rough sea 2.jpg (26339 bytes) Odinn - rough sea 3.jpg (26054 bytes)
silhouette 1.jpg (46747 bytes) silhouette 2.jpg (42200 bytes) silhouette 3.jpg (22733 bytes)
silhouette 4.jpg (51917 bytes)

Baldur - HMS Scylla on horizon

baldur & Yarmouth.jpg (49881 bytes)

Baldur & HMS Yarmouth (before Yarmouth  rammed Baldur)

tyr 1.jpg (47848 bytes)


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