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HMS Bacchante - 2nd Cod War. Gallery, Page 2

Trawlers & Trawlermen

..and here I would like to state my own admiration for deep sea fisherman. I could not believe people would choose to adopt such a hazardous and uncomfortable job. These pictures do not do justice to the miserable weather conditions that we often endured - rough seas, ice on the superstructure, intense cold. It could be bad enough on a frigate, what must it have been like on a trawler? Perhaps any site about the cod wars should also include descriptions and pictures of Hull & Grimsby, and other fishing ports, before and after the cod wars.

arctic vandal & baldur.jpg (58591 bytes)

Arctic Vandal & Baldur

trawl cut.jpg (24225 bytes)

We have just lost our trawl


catcalls.jpg (40382 bytes)

Hurling abuse at Baldur


Arctic Vandal, H344.  Built 1961 by Cook Welton & Gemmel Beverley, Reg No 301677, Hull Registration H344
Tons – 594, Length – 166.5 ft, Breadth – 30.5 ft ,  Owners – Boyd Line Ltd Hull
 The Arctic Vandal became the St Paul ( Stand–by safety vessel ) on 3rd May 1979  - and is still registered (Jan 2004).
(Info supplied by Chris Petheridge)
evening trawler 2.jpg (29735 bytes)

An evening's trawling


evening trawler.jpg (27302 bytes) rustbucket.jpg (27315 bytes)

Held together by rust?


Portia & gunboat.jpg (29360 bytes)

Trawler Portia, and gunboat


trawler Portia 1.jpg (33625 bytes)



trawler Portia 2.jpg (54086 bytes)



trawler Portia 3.jpg (47888 bytes)



trawler Portia 4.jpg (40225 bytes)

Portia - going astern to protect her trawling gear


old trawlerman.jpg (39972 bytes)



winchman.jpg (34584 bytes)

Winch operator



Built 1956 at Middlesborough

Reg No  - 186720

Hull Registration H24

Tons – 883

Length – 195.5 ft

Breadth – 34.9 ft


Owners -  Hellyer Brothers - Hull

The Portia was Hull's first Diesel electric trawler.


The Portia was scrapped in 1978

(Info. Chris Petheridge)

trawlers.jpg (33854 bytes)



miranda.jpg (29869 bytes)

I thought this was Miranda, but it's Euroman (thanks Dave Payne of Hastings (I come from Hastings, too))


miranda 2.jpg (24239 bytes)



lloydsman.jpg (29224 bytes)



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