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Official Cod War Photos

Crown Copyright photos obtained from a number of sources, not necessarily of or from Bacchante

ice on forescreen web.jpg (50760 bytes)

Chipping the ice

ice floes web.jpg (47067 bytes)

ice flows 

scylla damage web.jpg (41615 bytes)

Damage to Scylla 

Tim Lee & Icelandic journalist_ Gurkha web.jpg (23369 bytes)

Captain Tim Lee, Ghurka, and Icelandic journalist


farewel web.jpg (29504 bytes)

Icelandic journalist's farewell to Ghurka

Oli Tynes_ Visir_ Odinn web.jpg (29765 bytes)

Icelandic journalist Oli Tynes Visir (not sure about that name) on Ghurka, Odinn behind

trawler group web.jpg (19992 bytes)

trawler group, a Leander frigate behind

Statsman trawler & gunboa web.jpg (24261 bytes)

Statesman, trawler and gunboat

long swe web.jpg (24752 bytes)

long swell

aerial view web.jpg (41077 bytes)

Aerial view, probably Yarmouth

Baldur from Yarmouth web 2.jpg (43833 bytes)

Baldur, from Yarmouth

baldur from yarmouth web 1.jpg (23939 bytes)

Baldur, from Yarmouth

baldur damage web2.jpg (47433 bytes)

Baldur damage, from Yarmouth

Yarmouth_bows web paul hayden.jpg (32152 bytes)

Yarmouth, bent bows

yarmouth damage web.jpg (51215 bytes)

Damaged Yarmouth returns home

scylla-odin ramming4.jpg (39284 bytes)

Odinn from Scylla

scylla-odin ramming web3.jpg (22993 bytes)

Odinn & Scylla

scylla-odin ramming web5.jpg (42382 bytes)

Odinn & Scylla

scylla-odin ramming web6.jpg (31489 bytes)

Odinn & Scylla

scylla-odin ramming web8.jpg (44554 bytes)

Odinn & Scylla - close!

The Scylla/Odinn incident was observed by Bacchante,

see the Bacchante view here

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