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HMS Bacchante Lost Oppos

Looking for an old oppo' from Bacchante? Does he still owe you sippers? Send me the low down to put on the site. Eventually they'll be indexed by the search engines (Google, etc). Please send an email to lostoppos with the relevant information. Please include your surname, rate, dates etc, there was probably more than one "Slinger" Woods at various times.

NEW - as an anti spam measure, contact details are now held securely in a password protected Bacchante Contacts directory, along with other ex Bacchantes. Details here:



Name (as you were known on Bacchante) rate years on Bacchante Mess Part of Ship Email, or other contact details. Now in Contacts Oppos name Rate Part of ship
Doc Woodman LMA 1969-71 "Chelsea Pensioners" Sick bay   any - -
Eric (Buck) Taylor LSA 1969-72       LSA  Bob Fernie, SA  Dave Yule, SA  Ned Needham, POCA  Dave Davies, L.Sea (Snowball) Richardson, PO.Sea  i/c Mafro Party, RS Jim Rogers, and the CPOSA whose name I have forgotten!     
Phil Phillimore RS(W) 1969-72 2K PO's EWO   Anyone in 2K POs, 1969-72 PO various
Keith Henley CEA  1969-72 2KPO’s Seacat Tiff   Anyone in the rugby team and the PO’s Mess    
Peter Rose Mne, 1971-74 R.M. Barracks     anyone who remembers me    
Tiny Hurrell LS 1972-73       Paddy Murrells, and anyone else    
Richard Lak-Bullen Royal 1972-74 marine detachment any where i could not break anything   any    
Gordon Morris CEA2 1972-5 2D PO, 2K CPO     Tansy Lee, John Webster, Liam Colley, Geoff Collett,  John Pearce, Ted Ashston, Ian Major, John Smallbones, Bertie Mee, Dave Price, Shiner Wright, Pete Hinchley    
John Williams LREM/POREL 1973-74 Greenies radar/UHF   Any of the Greenies of that time    
Lynn Hardy Lynn Hardy knew Chris when Bacchante was in Portland 1974/5, and is keen to get back in touch. Contact Isaac if you can help Chris Brookes LS (?)  
Chris Jefferies Ldg Wtr 1974-75 S&S Ships Office   anyone who remembers the tour; Puerto Rico,Grenada, Bermuda, Norfolk,Panama Canal, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Lisbon, Copenhagen, Stockholm
Bernie Dutton OEM/LOEM 1974-76 Greenies     Glen Walsh, Del Delanie, Jerrie Richold EM Greenies
Isaac Newton CEA 1975-77 2K CPOs Seacat    Anyone in 2K CPOs, 1975-77

David Lomax - BBC

CPO various

BBC Tonight team

Graham (Godders) Godfrey CEM/ ALCEM 1976-77 Greenies  MRS 3    All Greenies    
Robby Robinson MEA 1977-79 2K CPOs Diesels Robby your email address bounces Anyone in 2K CPOs, CPO various
Big H, Harry - Jon Harrison AB(S) 1978-79 3M port various   anyone- sailors or footballers   various
Kev Brown (Buster) AB(M) 1979-81 5 mess Fx   ABs(M) Gobbie, Tomlinson, LS(M) Southworth, Cpl Robinson, AB(S) Thirlby    
Peter Orchard (Scrumpy, or Apple) L/S (R) 1979-81 3M Port Top   Anyone from RP's Mess, anyone going to SinkF69 - -
Steve ‘Topsy’ Turvey MEM(M) 1979-81 stokers    

Jason King, CJ Beaman, Slinger Woods,Jock Tait, Ned Nash, Al Clifton, Dave McHale, Yorkie Varley, Dave Gill, Whiskey Walker, Buck Taylor x 2 (Train Spotter and the Whale), Steve Cheshire, Jan Schofield

David (Pincher) Martin Royal 1980-81 5 barracks Pinch - your email address bounces any - -
Peter (Jumper) Cross LS Gunner 1980-82   Fx   anyone - -
Jock harper   WE Seaman 1980-82 Greenies -   any - -
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