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I served on Bacchante from December 1974 to April 1977, had some great trips, some great runs ashore, (followed by great hangovers), and took loads of pictures, (not so great, but great reminders). The site began life as a repository for photos taken during the second Cod War with Iceland of 1975, prompted by an Icelandic research student, Gudni Johannesson, whose PhD thesis is on the subject of the various cod wars. However, since then, the site has developed into a general Bacchante site, and I hope you find it interesting. Perhaps we can build a Bacchante association around the site, with periodic reunions. Sirius has been having these for a while, and they are invariably well attended

If you served on Bacchante, or HMNZS Wellington, or have any memories, photos, cartoons etc, please send scans along to be posted on  this site. I would especially welcome any photos or links from Icelandic gunboat crews - it would be great to get the other guy's point of view - politically and photographically. (I won't mention the resumption of whaling.) I would also welcome any help you can give on populating Bacchante's itinerary over her lifetime, including her time as HMNZS Wellington.

Isaac Newton

Dec 2003, Shaftesbury, Dorset

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