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25 dhow & v sign_ Karachi Nov 76.jpg (31941 bytes)

Is that a victory sign? Karachi, Pakistan, Nov 1976

26 CPOs gharri into Karachi Nov 76.jpg (44112 bytes)

CPOs ashore, Karachi

28 Jack ashore Karachi Nov 76.jpg (43690 bytes)

& Jack ashore

02 dhow in Karachi Nov 76.jpg (16291 bytes)

Dhow, Karachi


03 SEATO fleet in Karachi harbour Nov 76.jpg (13660 bytes)

SEATO fleet anchored off Karachi

07 flight deck bbq Jossman in centre Nov 76.jpg (35921 bytes)

Sods opera, Jossman Jimmy Riddle in centre, Nov 1976

12 Sods opera Karachi - Fleet CPO GI Figg Nov 76.jpg (15874 bytes)

Chief GI Figg

14 Sods opera Karachi-1st Lieut and lt Mclennan Nov 76.jpg (33608 bytes)

the Jimmy, & Lt Mclellan

15 Chief CEA- unknown -ERA Smith -Andy Eggington Nov 76.jpg (29017 bytes)

Chief CEA, ?, ERA Smudge Smith, REA Andy Eggington

20 1H mess Harrys Bar Andy Bain - Dave Woollard Nov 76.jpg (53594 bytes)

1H Mess "Harry's Bar", Andy Bain (WAFU), Chief Tiff Dave Woollard


21 1H CPOs mess Andy Bain Jimmy Riddle Dave Woollard Dave Price.jpg (40418 bytes)

Andy Bain, Jimmy Ridle, Dave Woollard, Dave Price (Buffer)

22 1H CPOs mess Bungy Williams and Slinger Woods Nov 76.jpg (38984 bytes)

CPO SA Bungy Williams, Slinger Woods


29 Iranian Farmaz firing 4.5 Mk 8 gun Nov 76.jpg (19228 bytes)

Iranian (pre revolution) "Farmaz" firing 4.5" Mk 8 gun

33 Aunt Sally - Jeff Cox Nov 76.jpg (31354 bytes)  35 Aunt Sally-Harry Hole Nov 76.jpg (26501 bytes)

Aunt Sally - PO Stwd Jeff Cox, OEA Harry Hole

02 in Lions Mouth Persian Gulf Nov 76.jpg (48213 bytes)

Persian Gulf - In the Lion's Mouth

13 decontam team Persian Gulf Nov 76.jpg (41763 bytes)

Decontamination exercise

14 Bahrain Nov 76.jpg (31130 bytes)

Bahrain Nov 1976

16 wardroom row Captain Dunn ashore Bahrain Nov 76.jpg (33975 bytes)

Captain Dunn leaves the ship - rowed ashore by the wardroom, Bahrain Nov 1976

19 HMS Bacchante in Bahrein Nov 76.jpg (55642 bytes)

Bacchante, anchored off Bahrain

21 HMS Bacchante Bahrain Nov 76.jpg (24312 bytes)

23 HMS Bacchante Bahrain Nov 76.jpg (25434 bytes)


25 Back through the Lions Mouth Persian Gulf_ & HMS Antrim Nov 76.jpg (41114 bytes)

Back through the Lion's Mouth, Persian Gulf Nov 1976

30 HMS Antrim transits the Lions Mouth Nov 76.jpg (22582 bytes)

HMS Antrim, in the Lion's Mouth

31 RAS - Charybdis -RFA-Yarmouth Nov 76.jpg (43912 bytes)

RAS - HMS Charybdis, RFA ?, HMS Yarmouth, Nov 1976

32 stern RAS Yarmouth  to stbd Nov 76.jpg (43097 bytes)

Stern RAS, HMS Yarmouth to starboard

33 live mortar firing Nov 76.jpg (38027 bytes)

Live mortar firing, Nov 1976

36 mortar bombs exploding Nov 76.jpg (22444 bytes)

A/S mortar bombs

05 HMS Yarmouth in Suez Canal Dec 76.jpg (45619 bytes)

HMS Yarmouth in the Suez Canal, Dec 1976

07 HMS Yarmouth Suez Canal Dec 76.jpg (24756 bytes)

HMS Yarmouth

06 Suez canal bank Dec 76.jpg (50145 bytes)

on the canal bank, Egypt Dec 1976


09 ex Royal Yacht_ Alexandria Dec 76.jpg (40517 bytes)

Egyptian ex-royal yacht, Alexandria, Dec 1976

10 Russian submarine in floating dock Alexandria Dec 76.jpg (47000 bytes)

Soviet submarine in floating dock, Alexandria


30 Egyptian naval headquarters Alexandria Dec 76.jpg (31196 bytes)

Egyptian naval headquarters, Alexandria

31 Alabaster Mosque Cairo Dec 76.jpg (45445 bytes)

The Alabaster Mosque, Cairo


35 inside Alabaster Mosque_ Cairo Dec 76.jpg (65988 bytes)

inside the Alabaster Mosque

02 Minarets Cairo Dec 76.jpg (25001 bytes)

Domes & minarets, Cairo


10 camel train in front of Great Pyramid Dec 76.jpg (51033 bytes)

Camel train by the Great Pyramid, Giza

11 camel train by Great Pyramid_ Giza_ Dec 76.jpg (51891 bytes) 13 Andy on camel by Great Pyramid_ Giza Dec 76.jpg (47783 bytes)

A CPO on a camel (me, actually)

16 Sphinx & Cheops pyramid_ Giza Dec 76.jpg (35337 bytes)

The pyramid of Cheops, and the Sphinx. The Sphinx is nothing like as big as it seems - the pyramid is a long way away. And I have my back against the outskirts of Cairo - another shock!

29 Alexandria harbour Dec 76.jpg (41550 bytes)

Alexandria Harbour

33 Bacchante from the Wasp Mediterranean Dec 76.jpg (44031 bytes)

HMS Bacchante in the Med, Dec 1976. I requested this flight as a photographic jolly before I left the RN in April 77, so I thank the WAFUs for that.

34 HMS Bacchante from the Wasp Mediterranean Dec 76.jpg (21453 bytes) 35 HMS Bacchante from the Wasp Mediterranean Dec 76.jpg (36600 bytes)

HMS Bacchante

36 HMS Bacchante and HMS Charybdis Mediterranean Dec 76.jpg (25301 bytes)

HMS Bacchante, HMS Charybdis, Med Dec 1976


01 Bacchante from Wasp_ Mediterranean Dec 76.jpg (48868 bytes)

HMS Bacchante, Med, Dec 1976

05 homeward bound in a Gibraltar gale Dec 76.jpg (24536 bytes) 

leaving Gibraltar Dec 76. Probably Naiad (nearest) & Charybdis

leaving Gibraltar.jpg (62519 bytes)


09 Naiad & Charybdis in roughers Dec 76.jpg (32926 bytes)

HMS Naiad & HMS Charbydis


10 Antrim over the bow Dec 76.jpg (44272 bytes)

HMS Antrim, N Atlantic


02 425 landing on HMS Bacchante Med Dec 76.jpg (46205 bytes)

425 landing on, Dec 1976



12 almost home. Waiting families Chatham 22nd Dec 76.jpg (38016 bytes)

Sheerness, and families come on board. Isaac's sea-going career comes to an end. 22nd Dec 1976


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