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Photo Gallery Page 1

09 Lubeck (D) in Bay of Biscay Feb 1975.jpg (42087 bytes)

Feb 1975 Nato fleet

Lubeck in Bay of Biscay

15 Van Nes,  McDonnell_ Lubeck  entering Lisbon Feb 75.jpg (61800 bytes)

Van Nes, McDonnell, Lubeck entering Lisbon Feb 1975

16 Goodbye Wreck Space_ leaving Hamburg March 75.jpg (119894 bytes)

Leaving Hamburg March 1975, senior rates of the Joint Defence College (& 2K CPO's mess hosts for hooleys)

12 Tagus bridge Lisbon.jpg (47505 bytes)

River Tagus bridge, Lisbon, Feb 1975


46 Sverdlov & Bear bomber April 75.jpg (96516 bytes)

Sverdlov & Bear - that's REAL gunnery power! April 1975


48 NATO fleet entering Stavanger Norway April 1975.jpg (53467 bytes)

Nato fleet entering Stavanger, Norway, April 1975


20 Fishing huts_ Stavanger_ Norway.jpg (63334 bytes)

Fishing huts, Stavanger

30 Fishmarket_ Bergen May 1975.jpg (101943 bytes)



44 view over Bergen May 1975.jpg (103228 bytes)



32 memorial_ Bergen May 1975.jpg (27452 bytes)

Fishermen memorial, Bergen

38 cobbled street_ Bergen May 1975.jpg (23803 bytes)


18 Ski trip to Voss - falling stoker_ May 1975.jpg (19823 bytes)

Free ski trip to Voss, leaving little piles of sailor littering the snow! May 1975


41 Andys pub_ Oslo May 1975.jpg (97223 bytes)

Oslo May 1975


42 Royal Palace_ Oslo May 1975.jpg (107387 bytes)

Royal Palace, Oslo

01 gates_ wheel of life_ Frogner Park Oslo May 75.jpg (110032 bytes)

Wheel of Life. Wrought iron gates at Frogner Park, Oslo.


06 Frogner Park_ Oslo Wheel of Life May 75.jpg (110398 bytes)

Wheel of Life, Oslo


13 Frogner Park Oslo May 75.jpg (106773 bytes)

Granite statues


17 Frogner Park Oslo.jpg (49392 bytes)

Seen at Frogner Park


28 Viking longship Oslo May 75.jpg (24790 bytes)

Viking longboat, Oslo

04 North Sea oil rig May 1975.jpg (28322 bytes)

North Sea Oil rig

05 NATO fleet line astern May 1975.jpg (40942 bytes)

Nato fleet line astern May 1975



26 leaving the NATO fleet_ Frankenland_ May 1975.jpg (73309 bytes)

Leaving the Nato fleet. - Frankenland, German RFA May 1975


27 leaving the NATO fleet_ Bergen_ May 1975.jpg (73487 bytes)

HNoMS Bergen. The crew are dodging potatoes hurled from Bacchante (sorry, guys!)

36 leaving NATO fleet, Dutch Van Nes + loo rolls May 1975.jpg (71455 bytes)

HR.MS. Van Nes

38 leaving Stanavflorvant, Dutch Van Nes, loo rolls May 75.jpg (78521 bytes)

HR.MS. Van Nes - bog paper fired from the mortars

31 leaving the NATO fleet, USS McDonnell May 1975.jpg (46608 bytes)

USS McDonnell

33 leaving NATO fleet_ Port Almirante Coutino May 1975.jpg (44032 bytes)

Portuguese, Almirante Coutino

32 leaving the NATO fleet_ Frazer May 1975.jpg (37855 bytes)

HNoMS Bergen

49 communist slogans Lisbon May 75.jpg (68133 bytes)

Lisbon, after the revolution, May 1975

04 Lisbon street_ post revolution_ May 75.jpg (46206 bytes)

Lisbon, posters

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