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Any contributions welcomed, of Bacchante/Wellington or related to her, her ships company, visits etc. Various copyright owners, mostly of the contributors, but some are Crown, and others are mine.

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web_greenies_1976.jpg (139330 bytes)

Greenies, 1976 (Andy Thomas)

web_race_up_the_Rock_1976B.jpg (122628 bytes)

Rock Race 1976 (Andy Thomas)

web_greenies_1976B.jpg (142395 bytes)

Greenies team, 1976 (Andy Thomas)

web_Race_up_the_Rock_1976A.jpg (141633 bytes)

Captain Dunn, Rock race 1976 (Andy Thomas)

web_Panama-canal-1971.jpg (62714 bytes)

Panama Canal 1971 (David Smith)

web_Last-tot-2.jpg (86880 bytes)

Last tot 1971 (David Smith)

webLast-tot.jpg (89047 bytes)

Last tot 1971 (David Smith)

T-Key-flight-Windies-1973-2.jpg (66868 bytes)

Ship's Flight West Indies 1973 (Tony Key)

T Key flight Windies 1973-1.jpg (117335 bytes)

Ship's Flight West Indies 1973 (Tony Key)

Wellington leaves UK small.jpg (168955 bytes)

HMNZS Wellington leaves the UK en route to her new home (Glenn Simpson, NZ)

JJenkins_My-last-Tot!-July-1970(8).jpg (52303 bytes)

Last tot, July 1970 (Jeff Jenkins)

JJenkins_My-last-Tot!-July-1970(7).jpg (75349 bytes)

Last tot, July 1970 (Jeff Jenkins)

JJenkins_My last Tot! July 1970(6).jpg (125106 bytes)

Last tot, July 1970 (Jeff Jenkins)

JJenkins_My last Tot! July 1970(5).jpg (151181 bytes)

Last tot, July 1970 (Jeff Jenkins)

JJenkins_My last Tot! July 1970(0).jpg (119027 bytes)

Last tot, July 1970 (Jeff Jenkins)

JJenkins_Last Tot! July 1970.jpg (150193 bytes)

Last tot, July 1970 (Jeff Jenkins)

JJenkins_Halifax Nova Scotia July 1970.jpg (123941 bytes)

Halifax Nova Scotia July 1970 (Jeff Jenkins)

FrigateResidentsLR.jpg (81201 bytes)

After 3 years - corridor and door frame (Marco Zeeman/Splash Gordon Dive Centre)

FurryGunsLR.jpg (21079 bytes)

After 3 years - 4.5" gun barrels (GI's weep now!)  (Marco Zeeman/Splash Gordon Dive Centre)

InsidetobridgeLR.jpg (58348 bytes)

After 3 years - Bridge windows (Marco Zeeman/Splash Gordon Dive Centre)

Bacchante Sinking Dec 05.jpg (405294 bytes)

The Sinking of HMS Bacchante, (Caron Mills via Clive Orchard) (NB this is 370KB)

web-bacchante1975inBiskaya.jpg (69286 bytes)

Bacchante in Biscay with STANAVFLORVANT 1975 (Helmut Kuehnel, of FGNS Lubeck)

web2-grey-Lubeck-sailors197.jpg (65662 bytes)

FGNS Lubeck messdeck 1975, with Bacchante exchange visitor (AB(M) Jock Melrose). To his left is Helmut Kuehnel who supplied the photo

web-ridler-5.jpg (43089 bytes)

Minor damage to port guardrails by HMNS Holland (Pete Ridler)

web-ridler-2.jpg (44185 bytes)

HMNS Holland, the ship that bounced down our port side, 2nd July 1975. (We were sailing close to give only one radar signal) (Pete Ridler)

web-CPOs-1970.jpg (76763 bytes)

1st commission CPOs mess, prob 1970 (Tansy Lee's family). Names welcomed

web-Chiefs-mess-1970.jpg (70379 bytes)

1st commission CPOs mess, prob 1970. Photo supplied by the family of the late Tansy Lee, 3rd from left front row. I knew Tansy from 1st commission Sirius. A great guy with a wicked sense of humour, he died in 2001. Other names welcomed.

Lubek_and_Bacchante_Stavang.jpg (49354 bytes)

Lubeck and Bacchante at Stavanger 1975, (Heinrich Vormschlag)

STANAVFORLANT-view-1975tweak.jpg (50176 bytes)

STANAVFLORVANT 1975. No doubt someone with better eyes than me can see which ship is which (NB Van Nes is also a Leander) (Heinrich Vormschlag)

STANAVFORLANT1975tweak.jpg (68045 bytes)

NATO fleet poster 1975( Heinrich Vormschlag, of FGNS Lubeck)

new1.jpg (71115 bytes)

Entering Curacao, 1st commission (Keith Henley)

WgtnFlt.jpg (38010 bytes)

Kiwi crabs, Wellington 1987 (Steve Coker)

Wellington-aftpos.jpg (56448 bytes)

Wellington after PO's mess 1987, following Admiral Tempero's burial at sea (Steve Coker)

TheBoys.jpg (43901 bytes)

Wellington flight, 1987 (Steve Coker)

up-spirits-on-the-wellingto.jpg (53381 bytes)

Up spirits on Wellington; 1987 Fiji (That really rubs it in - rum 16 years after it was stolen from us!) (John Flynn)

Ancon-Bar-Panama-City.jpg (44657 bytes)

Ancon Bar Panama City 1970 (Pete Bolger)

Bacchante-mess.jpg (43543 bytes)

l-r Scouse (bootie), Sharks Hunter (Ck), Sandy Sanderson (Lstwd) 1971 (Pete Bolger)

webScan0005.jpg (41967 bytes)

Icelandic gunboat Baldur, 1976 (Alan Nicholson)

webScan0007.jpg (38452 bytes)

(Alan Nicholson)

webScan0002.jpg (69854 bytes)

(Alan Nicholson)

webScan0006..jpg (32540 bytes)

(Alan Nicholson)

wb-scan0003.jpg (55047 bytes) 15 mess.JPG (31717 bytes)

 15 mess 1976(Gordon Melrose)
Names pic (Alan Nicholson)

web-2-Nunnery-renovation-te.jpg (51077 bytes)

Nunnery renovation team (Keith Henley)

Nunnery-renovation-team-197.jpg (35915 bytes)

Nunnery renovation team (Keith Henley)

Seacat-Maintenance-Team-web.jpg (51453 bytes)

Seacat maintainers (Keith Henley

Portugal-1970-Terry-Smith--.jpg (40975 bytes)

3 little maids from school! (Keith Henley)

The-first-pose-1970-web.jpg (114841 bytes)

The first pose (Keith Henley)

Mirror-Dingy-Name-and-launc.jpg (58135 bytes)

Dinghy built by stand-by crew, launching ceremony. (Keith Henley, who later married the lady drinking the champagne!)

Exchange-in-Jacksonville-we.jpg (29001 bytes)

Jacksonville exchange 1970, l-r Keith Henley, Ollie Smith, ??, Tansy Lee, US Navy Chief, (Keith Henley)

1970-Christmas-Calender-web.jpg (41701 bytes)

1970 Calendar, (Keith Henley)

Off-karachi-1976-web.jpg (39043 bytes)

Anchored off Karachi, 1976 (Geoff Walker)

Some more great pictures here, as Bacchante prepares for her final trip, from Marco Zeeman, Anne Bilton, & Michael Brown crossing-line-2-hms-bacchan.jpg (47727 bytes)

Crossing the line 1974 (John JC Williams)

Tow-web.jpg (46731 bytes)

Towex (Trevor Wintle)

Run-ashore-web.jpg (38621 bytes)

Oppo's ashore in Antwerp.  Mike Dean, Buzzby (Tony ??), ? Wetherstone, Brett ? , Trevor Wintle

RAS-web.jpg (32370 bytes)

RAS (Trevor Wintle)

Kiev-web.jpg (47268 bytes)

Shadowing the Kiev in the English Channel 1979ish (Trevor Wintle)

Bacchante-HMS-St-Angelo-197.jpg (44359 bytes)

Alongside HMS St Angelo, Malta, 1972 (Don Berry)

Bacchante - Cod War - Sods oper5_150.jpg (35452 bytes)

..and I can't remember him at all - he may have been an RNR GP (Graham Godfrey)

Bacchante - Cod War - Sods oper4 -skipper2_150.jpg (44324 bytes)

Captain the "Rev" Dunne, 1976 (Graham Godfrey)

Bacchante - Cod War - Sods oper2_150.jpg (40929 bytes)

WEO Joyce Grenfell at church fete 1976 (Graham Godfrey)

Bacchante - Cod War - Sods oper6_150.jpg (36974 bytes)

"Church fete", Cod War 1976 (Graham Godfrey)

Bacchante - Cod War - Sods oper1_150.jpg (48019 bytes)

2 stokers (?) Cod war 1976 (Graham Godfrey)

Bacchante - Cod War - Sods oper3_150.jpg (37941 bytes)

Jossman Jimmy Riddle Cod war 1976 (Graham Godfrey)

Bacchante-Cod war-Thor 2_150.jpg (50401 bytes)

Thor (Graham Godfrey)

Bacchante - Cod War - Baldur_150.jpg (52097 bytes)

Big Bad Baldur - having failed to swing her port quarter into us (Graham Godfrey)

Bacchante - Cod War -Tyr 2_150.jpg (51841 bytes)

..and Tyr attempts to duck under our stern (Graham Godfrey)

Bacchante - Cod War -Tyr 1_150.jpg (47692 bytes)

Riding off Tyr Iceland (Graham Godfrey)

Bacchante - Cod War - Iceland from seacat deck_150.jpg (35502 bytes)

Iceland - and buffer Dave Price (Graham Godfrey)

Bacchante - Cod War - Iceland_150.jpg (47807 bytes)

Iceland 1976 (Graham Godfrey)

line_cross_web_74_-3.jpg (32640 bytes)

Line crossing 1974 (Bernie Dutton)

line_cross_web_74_-1.jpg (35726 bytes)

Line crossing 1974 (Bernie Dutton)

LAST NIGHT IN WILMINGTON 1976 web.jpg (39197 bytes)

Last night in Wilmington Delaware July 1976 (Geoff Sloan)

web Jimmy  Dave Price to celebrate scrambled egg..jpg (48766 bytes)

Jimmy (Lt Cdr McPetrie) gets his scrambled egg. Buffer Dave Price. off Iceland 1976 (Geoff Sloan)

web Bacchante rugby team Hamburg 1975.jpg (62861 bytes)

Rugby Team, Hamburg 1975

Return from Falklands.jpg (44273 bytes)

Paying off pennant, returning from the Falklands (Terry Saunders)

web Londonderry ASW Trophey winners.jpg (80464 bytes)

Londonderry ASW Trophy winners, 1979. 

bacchante warpaint web 2.jpg (45811 bytes)

Warpaint - leaving Pompey for the Falklands, 1982 (Trevor Potter)

bacchante warpaint web 1.jpg (34029 bytes)

Warpaint - leaving Pompey for the Falklands, 1982 (Trevor Potter)

Bacchante crew Rosyth 1979 web small.jpg (81019 bytes)

HMS Bacchante crew, Rosyth, 1979 (Mike Dean)

large version here (230KB)

OS Mike Dean 1978.jpg (24442 bytes)

The man himself! - Mike Dean 

In Den Helder.jpg (33092 bytes)

In Den Helder, Holland (Mike Dean)

Bacchante Plymouth dec 1978.jpg (38710 bytes)

HMS Bacchante, Plymouth Dec 1978 (Mike Dean)

Bacchante and Achillieschangeover 1978.jpg (38291 bytes)

HMS Bacchante (left) & HMS Achilles, transfer 1978 (Mike Dean)

Achillies aft crew move to Bacchante 1978.jpg (32768 bytes)

HMS Achilles aft crew transfer to Bacchante, Gibraltar, 1978 (Mike Dean)

Zebedee.jpg (76624 bytes)

"Zebedee" (Mike Dean)

Bacchante postcard.jpg (157513 bytes)

Bacchante postcard (Mike Dean)

Thanks Andrew. More Wellington pictures & information welcomed. 

(From "Old Wellies"?)

propping up the wardroom bar-web.jpg (34629 bytes)

Propping up the wardroom bar again, 2002, (Andrew Welch)

main drag from wardroom door-web.jpg (39937 bytes)

HMNZS Wellington 2002 - looking for'd along the Burma Road (Andrew Welch)

Cabin up from wardroom flat-web.jpg (32140 bytes)

HMNZS Wellington 2002, - one of the smaller cabins (Andrew Welch)

Wellington MEOs cabin.jpg (23242 bytes)

HMNZS Wellington, 2002, MEO's cabin (and look! the MEO's not turned in!) (Andrew Welch)

Wellington Port quarter.jpg (32729 bytes)

HMNZS Wellington decommissioned, Devonport, NZ, 2002
(Andrew Welch)

Wellington Devonport New Zealand 2003.jpg (30670 bytes)

HMNZS Wellington decommissioned, Devonport NZ, 2003
(Andrew Welch)

we senior rates 1976 web.jpg (49745 bytes)

WE Senior rates, Cod War 1976 

f69 proc.jpg (74969 bytes)

Bacchante off Norfolk Va March 1974. Photo supplied by Gerry White, Royal Canadian Navy, who served with HMCS Fraser in the NATO fleet in 1975, alongside Bacchante.

HMQ73_web.jpg (49604 bytes)

HM at South Railway Jetty talking to Mrs Brown, wife of the Can Man. Cowes Week 1973. (Gordon Morris) 

Prince Phillip Forward POs mess Cowes 1973.jpg (53449 bytes)

Prince Phillip in For'd PO's Mess, Cowes week 1973. L-R - Lt Cdr Tristram (Jimmy), D of E, Frank Wright, Liam Colley, CEA2 Gordon Morris. (Gordon Morris) 

Exercise Northern Merger Sept1994.jpg (15852 bytes)

Squadron WEO arriving during Exercise Northern Merger sept 1974. (Gordon Morris) 


Exercise Northern Merger2 Sept1994.jpg (16966 bytes)

(Gordon Morris) 

Bacchante_from_Targatness_June73_proc.jpg (50802 bytes)

Bacchante from RFA Targatness, prior to a RAS. (George Mortimore, ex Royal Fleet Auxiliary)

02_HMCS_Iroquois_New_York_July1976.jpg (41111 bytes)

HMCS Iroquois enters New York during the bicentennial celebration July 1976. (PO2 Peter Magwood, Canadian Navy)


01_HMCS_Iroquois_New_York_July1976.jpg (48968 bytes)

HMCS Iroquois, New York July 1976 (PO2 Peter Magwood)

05_HMCS_Iroquois_New_York_July1976.jpg (50214 bytes)

HMCS Iroquois, with HMS Lowestoft behind, July 1976, New York (PO2 Peter Magwood)

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