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Bacchante Association

At the 2005 reunion we agreed we would run a loose and informal association communicating primarily via email, to keep costs down. No membership fees, hence no books and no auditors, no committee meetings, hence no travel expenses to pay. A small committee would be required to run the mailing list, organise reunions, etc. To this end, I maintain an Outlook mailing list of Bacchantes, from which I send occasional emails on relevant topics, including reunions.

2009 Reunion

Following the success of the 2005 and 2007 reunions, a further reunion has been arranged for 14th November, at the nautical Club, Birmingham. Special rates have also been arranged for the reunion hotel - the Edgbaston Palace Hotel. Details here - We look forward to seeing you there. 

Contact List

I am in the process of establishing a password protected contact list, which will be available to all old Bagshanties who subscribe their own contact information to the list. Whilst I do have a substantial mailing list, I propose to collect the data again. This has 2 advantages: 1) it ensures I have up to date information, and 2) it ensures I have your consent to put the information on the web site. The Contact List can be found here. You will need logon credentials to access the page, supplied by me. It will look like this: 

Surname 1st.nickname Rank/rate mess year from year to location now email header email domain
Newton Isaac CEA1 2K CPO 1975 1977 Shaftesbury webmaster hmsbacchante.co.uk

If you are interested please email me, webmaster@hmsbacchante.co.uk, with all the above information, confirming your consent for the data to be published on this website. I will then update the list and email you the logon details. This is a manual process, and needs to be fitted in around the extremely busy job of being retired, so please be patient. (You think I jest?).

The mailing list will continue separately, and I will endeavour to remember to add new contacts to the list.

The email addresses of Bacchantes looking for lost oppos have also been transferred here, partly as an anti Spam measure. You will have to register with me to get access, and a proviso is that you also contribute contact details for the benefit of the Bacchante community - "you scratch my back ....."

2007 Reunion

If you weren't there, you missed a great weekend. It was universally agreed that the format of all staying in the same hotel as the reunion is a great success, and that the 2009 reunion should follow the same format, but relocated to the Midlands.  My thanks to Mike Crowe of IOW Tours for doing all the donkey work and putting on  a great show. 

Photographs here, and here.

2005 Reunion

38 Bagshanties and guests attended the 1st Bacchante reunion, at Portsmouth Rugby Club on 3rd September 2005. A great evening was had by all, and plans are afoot for a repeat in 2007, as a prelude to a big celebration in 2009, on the 40th anniversary of her first commissioning.

I'd like to thank Steve Chaffer (killick gunner 1974-76) who now runs Woodville Hotel Southsea for putting a number of us up. I can thoroughly recommend the hotel, only 2 minutes from the seafront, with a private car park, and excellent accommodation. (And it keeps him off the streets.). see http://www.s-h-systems.co.uk/hotels/woodvil1.html 

Photographs here:

Muster list here:


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