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Londonderry ASW Trophy winners, 1979

some names -Jon Harrison (BIG H), Kev Howes(Jan), Andy Limb (Limbo), Alex McIndoe, Danny Kay, Taff Howells, Little H, Paddy Maule, Paddy McAuley, Nobby Clark (wassack), Bungy Edwards, Chris Grannon (Granny),M ark Diaper, John Southworth (Cosmo) and Big Griff (Ian Park), LS(R) Ralph Matthews, AB(R) John Whittaker, PO(S) "Rocky" Hudson, PO(R) Ian Brabner, CPO (OPS)(R) Bell, Holding Trophy: Lt. Cleveland RAN (PWO(U)); Cdr. Brigstocke (C.O.) (& Mike Dean should have been there, but was obviously skulking in his pit!)


If you can fill in any names, please let me know.

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