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Bacchante/Wellington - Last Pictures

These excellent photos of Bacchante/Wellington's preparation for her new role have been provided by Marco Zeeman, project manager of the SinkF69 project, Michael Brown, Scrumpy Orchard, Adrian Booker, Tony Kay, John Williams, and Peter Wells and Anne Bilton, both of Wellington. 
The funnel and foremast stand proudly awaiting collection on Te Papa jetty three weeks after the sinking.  
Maybe we could arrange a rabbit run with Commander BRIGSTOCKE and a few old oppos to regain what was ours ready for the 2006 Reunion?

Interestingly on departure from Wellington Airport if the sea is calm and the flight path favourable you can see the ships' silhouette under the water. For the best view PISO, bit like POSH but Port In Starboard Out, and hoping for a favourable northerly wind in and out and the best seats are in front of the wings. 

Yours aye, Scrumpy

web-funnel.jpg (32431 bytes)

left on the jetty, Scrumpy Orchard

Slide1.jpg (26380 bytes)

anon, sent by John Williams 1

Slide2.jpg (26013 bytes)

anon, sent by John Williams 2

Slide3.jpg (24681 bytes)

anon, sent by John Williams 3

Slide4.jpg (20607 bytes)

anon, sent by John Williams 4

Slide5.jpg (24346 bytes)

anon, sent by John Williams 5

Slide6.jpg (17796 bytes)

anon, sent by John Williams 6

web-F69-7.jpg (45207 bytes)

Scrumpy Orchard 1

F69 6.jpg (274162 bytes)

Scrumpy Orchard 2

web-F69-5.jpg (50714 bytes)

Scrumpy Orchard 3

web-F69-1.jpg (43519 bytes)

Scrumpy Orchard 4

F69 3.jpg (327838 bytes)

Scrumpy Orchard 5

F69 4.jpg (302238 bytes)

Scrumpy Orchard 6

web-going-1.jpg (34522 bytes)

Going ... (Tony Kay)

web-going-2.jpg (33768 bytes)

Going ... (Tony Kay)

web-going-5.jpg (27116 bytes)

Gone ... (Tony Kay)

web-Bacchante-biccies.jpg (47909 bytes)

F69 biccies (Tony Kay

web-F69-in-position.jpg (50336 bytes)

On position (Peter Wells)

web-wardroom-2005.jpg (49054 bytes)

where are the g&t's? (Adrian Booker)

web-hangar-2005.jpg (51097 bytes)

hangar - at last a good use for it - as a bar - and there's Marco (Adrian Booker)

web-captains-day-cabin-2005.jpg (51723 bytes)

Captain's cabin (Adrian Booker)

web-bridge-2005.jpg (53295 bytes)

Bridge - no changes there since I last saw it in 1977! (Adrian Booker)

web-F69-Wellington-Oct05.jpg (52676 bytes)

(Adrian Booker)

web-F69-WellingtonE-Oct05.jpg (51667 bytes)

What would the Buffer say?! (Adrian Booker)

web-F69-WellingtonD-Oct05.jpg (47925 bytes)

(Adrian Booker)

web-F69-WellingtonC-Oct05.jpg (53353 bytes)

(Adrian Booker)

web-F69-WellingtonB-Oct05.jpg (52969 bytes)

(Adrian Booker)

Titanic-01-Oct-2005.jpg (50816 bytes)

(Peter Orchard)

DSC00015.jpg (26378 bytes)

(Peter Orchard)

web-Wellington-Nov-2004-gun.jpg (39623 bytes)

(Michael Brown)

web-Wellington-Nov-2004-cap.jpg (49437 bytes)

(Michael Brown)

web-Wellington-Nov-2004-anc.jpg (24576 bytes)

(Michael Brown)

web-Wellington-Nov-2004-993.jpg (24263 bytes)

She still has the 993 radar! (Michael Brown)

web_Wellington-Nov-2004-04.jpg (38323 bytes)

(Michael Brown)

plans.jpg (33992 bytes)

Bacchante plans

model-Bacchante.jpg (18125 bytes)

Bacchante model

cap-tally.jpg (19685 bytes)

cap tally (Anne Bilton)

Absolutely-wellongton.jpg (23645 bytes)

Positively Wellington (Anne Bilton)

45-Mark-6-instructions.jpg (52609 bytes)

4.5 Mk 6 maintainer info (Anne Bilton)

web-HMNZS-Wellington.jpg (56938 bytes)

Alongside in Wellington (Peter Wells)

F69-at-night.jpg (50787 bytes) F69-awaits-sinking.jpg (34870 bytes) F69-dry-dock-1.jpg (50527 bytes)
F69-on-tow.jpg (21959 bytes) F69-on-tow2.jpg (52936 bytes) F69-on-tow4.jpg (41784 bytes)
F69-on-tow5.jpg (48149 bytes) F69-on-tow3.jpg (44716 bytes) wellington.jpg (49080 bytes)

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