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Cod War 

Pages 1-4 are scans of 35 mm slides taken by me (Isaac Newton). Other pages comprise officially taken photos, for which Crown copyright is recognised. I would welcome Cod War pictures from any source, not just of or from Bacchante, and in particular, photos taken by Icelandic gun boat crew. All authors and copyright will be acknowledged. (See here for scanning tips.)

For the technically minded, the film used was mostly Fujichrome, or Kodachrome 64, with a few Agfa CT18. The camera was a Petriflex V6, and lenses Dixons Galaxy 135mm & 300mm. (You would not believe how much lenses have improved since then!). The slides were all scanned in using a Jessops Primeview 1800u (a bargain at 120). When judging the quality of the images, bear in mind that 300mm at 1/30 second in rain in a heavy sea won't produce Ansel Adams sharpness.

June 2007

The compensation scheme for former Icelandic water trawlermen

National Audit Office Report, June 2007. 

(You may recognise 3 of the photos)

New Cod War book 
(Dec 2006)

Awarded the 2007 Mountbatten Maritime Literature Prize at the Desmond Wettern Media Awards


The Royal Navy & the Cod Wars 

published by Maritime Press & available on www.navybooks.com.  The book has 336 pages & over 100 photos & costs 29.99 incl.. P&P

by Andrew Welch (lieutenant on Bacchante 1974-5 and 1978-80) (and a few of my photos here too)

cod war crew 62K.jpg (63445 bytes)

Cod War crew 1976. click pic or here for 62K image

or here for large hi definition pic (368K)

Does anybody know the whereabouts of the film of the BBC TV Tonight  programme? A copy still remains in the BBC film library, but BBC producers cannot afford to have it transcribed to video.


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