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After Life

Bacchante's new career in civvy street

HMNZS Wellington/HMS Bacchante has been sunk as a dive wreck off her adopted home city of Wellington. Whilst there must be a tinge of sadness at sinking of our fine ship, I find myself heartened that she will live on underwater, rather than being dismantled anonymously in some Indian breakers yard, or used as a target, as my two previous ships were.

(Photo copyright Carole Olsen)

For video and more pictures of the sinking, visit Sly Si's site at http://www.slysi.org.nz/F69.html (caution, the video is 14 MB. )

Kiwi TV streaming video here: http://www.tvnz.co.nz/view/page/411365/626592

and here http://tvnz.co.nz/view/page/423466/629493

Some great sinking pictures here: (updated 30.12.05)

NEW - Underwater pictures - follow Bacchante's  development as a reef (updated 27.3.06)


web-Marco-Zeeman.jpg (47636 bytes) 

Marco Zeeman, Sink F69 project manager, snapped on the fo'c's'le by Adrian Booker, Oct 2005, 

sinkf69@divewreck.co.nz "

There is an interesting page by Peter Wells, a Wellington resident, here: http://www.hillac.de/zei_b140.htm 

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